HUSTLE: Issue 1


A Payola Kings Magazine all about "The Hustler Lifestyle" and not living in fear. A magazine dedicated to documenting talented and creative individuals that work hard to master their craft, ones who are in your local communities.

Since this is our first issue, it only seems right to discuss the beginnings of our brand. Appropriately named GENESIS, the go into detail about what really started the Payola Kings clothing brand. In COMUNIDAD, we showcase the individuals with amazing talent that we have chosen to be featured in our first issue. MENTALIDAD is all about mindset. We discuss in different ways how to keep a strong positive mindset. Whether you are hustling to succeed in your business or you are training for a sport, the hustle mentality is a must.

This new e-magazine is another way we continue to be eco-friendly by using less paper. Magazine is emailed to you automatically after order 💪🏼.