Regular Clothing

Regular clothing is a sub brand of Payola Kings where we focus on providing the best curated vintage and re-purposed clothing to interested individuals. We believe that this is an amazing way to further express our passion within the streetwear culture community. We also love the fact that we can continue to do our part in reducing waste through our sub brand Regular Clothing.

By selling clothing that would of otherwise been thrown in the trash or been considered old or uninteresting, we can double the life span of a garment or piece of clothing. Instead of a T-shirt or a Jacket having a lifetime of about 5 years, we can increase its longevity to 10 or even 15 years.

This falls in line with our efforts to be as sustainable as we can while providing new and unique pieces that carry more of a meaning and purpose rather than a new look. 

Fast fashion is something we do not want to be. Our collections are focused and planned. On the other side we will be providing unique clothing pieces for everyone to pick and choose their next outfit through Regular Clothing.

Payola Kings and Regular Clothing are more than just brands, they come together to represent a lifestyle. 

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